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Every boy needs his playmate for those outdoor exertions. Boys’ shoes are just as supportive. Comfortable soles with tight straps or enlaced laces, and a stylish upper textile, your little athlete will wear the pitch.
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Kids 4-8 Years Performance

Boys’ shoes with a timeless style


Sports are hard but with the right kit, you’ve already won half the battle! Running trainers are exemplary for any occasion. These models have an upper durable textile that will attract any eye from edgy black-white-violet tones to an athlete's smooth leather upper fastened with straps or laces. These boys’ shoes are made from lightweight and recyclable materials with an endurable quality that will face any football or muddied puddle. A breathable mesh upper trainer will benefit any hyper sports player. Perfectly balanced with an intense cushioned sole and rubber outsole; supportive for fast movements and steady grounding during damp weather conditions. Choose your gear!

Shoes for boys will get you from pitch to party


Whether you're pacing the dance floor or unearthing the fields, our adidas boys’ shoes will get you a long way. Smart and sportive, you can wear them with fitted jeans and a shirt, or a matching sports uniform. Adaptable and consistent - they are total classics. Get your stride on in a hard leather overlay with solid protection and trend, or play in a colourful Primeknit upper for flexible motion. Whatever your style, we have a pair of boys’ shoes, including runners’ trainers, that will fit any occasion.


Run to school and still look good

Our collection of adidas boys’ shoes are modelled and designed for most occasions. Start off your morning with sports and meeting up with friends without changing your shoes. Perfectly comfortable for boys always on their feet and strengthened with a boost midsole. They are built for excessive use and will still look good in the end. The rubber features of the shoe's body will just slip off and demand less attention. Leather trainers can be cleaned with a damp cloth to remove muddied patches. Dry instantly after to prevent leather damage. Shoes designed with a mesh material can be dried down with a dry cloth and brushed off with a shoe brush. Our adidas boys’ sneakers are built for long term resilience to suit athletic boys.