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Kakari Elite SG Boots
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Kakari Z.1 SG Boots
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Take your game up a notch with men’s rugby shoes

Make the most of your game with the men’s rugby shoes collection from adidas. Choose from a wide variety of designs and styles to match your team’s colours. Benefit from advanced sports technology in the boots, which ensures you avoid distractions that often come with unsuitable footwear, so you can remain focused on the game at hand. Lightweight designs make sure that you’re never weighed down by your shoes, so you can sprint to your optimum. Meanwhile, padded foam pockets around the ankles ensure you're protected from injury, reducing the likelihood of knocks and sprains.

Men’s rugby boots for every surface

Whether you need men’s rugby boots for soft or firm ground, the adidas collection has something for every surface. Firm or soft grip outsoles enhance your grip on a range of surfaces, offering you more traction when you need it the most. You'll be all set with the breathable fabrics, which help to keep your feet cool by promoting airflow throughout the game, as well as the sensepods in the heel of the shoes, which fill gaps so that you feel at one with your boots. Finishing touches across the men’s rugby shoes collection are the piece de resistance. Lace closure helps you to tighten your shoes as much as you like, whereas flexible materials mean your feet aren’t inhibited from performing their natural movements.

Look after your rugby boots with ease

We’ve made it easy for you to look after your men’s rugby shoes, so they’ll last game after game. To ensure your boots stay in the best condition, you should remove the excess dirt after each use. To do this, use a toothbrush or bang the soles of the shoes together. Then you should wipe down the surface with a wet cloth that contains a mild detergent. Once you’ve removed the excess soap suds, you can leave them to air dry. If you want to clean the insoles and laces, you can place them in a pillowcase and wash them on a delicate cycle.