1. Introduction?

2. Who is in charge of the protection of your personal information?

3. How is personal information collected?

4. How will we use your personal information?

5. Disclosure of information?

6. Cross border flow of personal information

7. Retention?

8. Your rights?

9. Security of the information and personal information integrity

10. Protection of children’s personal information and special personal information

11. Social networks

12. Geolocation services

13. Re-targeting technologies

14. Contact information

15. Changes to this policy

16. Limitation

17. The information regulator

This policy sets out how adidas (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, 3rd Floor – Unit 2C, Black River Park North, Observatory, 7925, South Africa (adidas , we or us) may use Personal Information for example, that you provide or that we collect about you when you visit our website at www.adidas.co.za (the website), use any mobile applications, provide your Personal Information to us on paper (in store or at events), enter into a legitimate business relationship, apply for vacancies, or apply to enter into an agreement with us and you agree to be bound by it.

“Personal Information” includes any Personal Information about a “Data Subject” (you and any other natural or juristic entity) as defined in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013.

The types of adidas Data Subjects whose Personal Information we process include but are not limited to consumers, prospective and past consumers, web and app users, third party service providers, partners, employees, prospective and past employees.

adidas determines the purposes and means of the processing of your Personal Information and is the primary responsible party for this website, all (mobile) applications and other mechanisms of use and processing which refer to this Privacy Policy. As described in this Policy, there may be other adidas and/or non-adidas entities (third parties) also responsible for using your Personal Information

All our activities are based on stringent ethical principles and we are committed to protect the privacy of all visitors to our website and users of our (mobile) applications. For this reason, the way in which we collect and store information is dependent on how you use our website and related services; and also how/ why you may engage with adidas.

3.1 Personal information collected through your web and mobile interaction with us

Various technologies may be used on our websites and our (mobile) applications in order to improve them, make them more user-friendly, effective and secure. These technologies may lead to Personal Information being collected automatically by us or by third parties on behalf of us. Examples of such technologies are cookies, flash cookies and web analytics.

3.1.1 Click-stream personal information

A visit to one of our websites results in Personal Information that is sent from your browser to our server. This Personal Information makes it possible to optimize our services and improve your experience on our websites and apps. The Personal Information is automatically collected and stored by us or by third parties on our behalf. This Personal Information can include, in particular, the following:

  • the user’s IP address
  • the date and time of the visit
  • the date and time of the visit
  • the pages visited on our website
  • information about the browser used (browser type and version, operating system, etc.)

3.1.2 What you should know about cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device. For this section, we conveniently use "cookies" as an umbrella term for techniques such as cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons and JavaScript. They don’t take much space and they will be removed automatically when expired. Some cookies expire at the end of your internet session, while others will be saved for a limited amount of time.

Why do we use cookies?

adidas uses cookies to ensure your visit to our website is as pleasant as possible. There are different types of cookies with different uses. Some are there just to allow you to browse the website and see certain features. Some give us an idea on your browsing experience, i.e. when you have trouble finding what you are looking for, so we can improve and make your future visit as pleasant as possible

3.2 Personal information provided by you

Besides the Personal Information collected by automated means, we also process Personal Information which you have provided to us. This includes, but is not limited to:

Identity/ contact information

Any information that identifies you as an individual, living or juristic person. This includes: name [first, last, initials], Date of Birth, e-mail address, phone number, unique consumer identifier number (including your Membership member ID, or ID from any adidas Platform), nickname, password, social media identifiers and handles, your device fingerprint (including your browser fingerprint), gift card codes that are assigned to you and are combined with Personal Information, and the IP address of your browser.

Contact information

Any information we can use to contact you. This may include: your phone number, shipping and billing address, e-mail address, Messenger ID, social media handle, any other communication channel you have used to contact us for more information.

Payment, purchase and transaction information

Any information we use to complete or in relation to your purchase record and invoice. This may include: your payment information (credit card details, or bank details, or payment platform details), payment risk profile (provided to us by our payment risk solution), shopping cart details (your ordered items), delivery details, shipping and billing address, customer order number, purchase history with adidas, receipt number, transaction ID, invoice ID, retail store transaction ID, purchase value, order confirmation number, order tracking number.

Profile information

If you have created an online profile, the preferences and interests stored in this profile (please see below for further information concerning the profiles).


Any information we can use to make sure your gear fits. This may include: shoe size, clothes size, height, weight, chest, waist, hip, inseam, body shape, heel-toe measurement.

Location information

Any information we can use to know or guess where you are, real time or otherwise. This may include: your residential location, current log-in location [IP address], real-time device location information via device sensors and signals, GPS location (if you wish to share us, for example through your mobile device settings), or information that helps us guess where you may be such as the specific adidas site you have visited that might give us clues about where you are, or when you “check-in” to an event or website on a social media page indicating location and if it is shared with us.

Behavioural and Preference Information

Any information which indicates your preference whether explicitly – if provided by you – or inferred. This may include: activity preference (sports), event participation information, exercise plans, in-store digital interactions, site/brand preference, language preference, product and product attributes preferences, store location preferences, your shopping history (all items in shopping carts), Wishlist items, any “preference” details you provided to us in your profile and Platform setting, any information you provide to us when you interact with our communities such as adidas Runners, participate in events or campaigns as a trainer, team member, a participant or as a promotor of our events.

Browsing Information

Any information on. your browsing behaviour. This may include browser name, IP address (including hashed IP address), clickstream data, data and time of site visits, time remained on site, pages visited, and the links you have clicked in our marketing messages or website, the referral URL that brought you to our site.

Mobile Device Information

Any information related to your mobile device. This may include device EUI, device ID, device fingerprint, IP/Wifi Information, operating system, data stored on device when access is granted, log information when access to device (such as camera) is granted.

Social Media Interaction and Activity

Any information about you we obtain through different social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc., when we use these channels for advertising, analytics purposes or to enrich your profile with adidas. This may include any social media information that is publicly available such as your social media handles, social media interactions and public postings, your “Likes” and other reactions, your social media connections, your photos that are public, or those you send to us by mentioning us or following our social media posts by using “handles” or “hashtags”, comments or messages you shared with us publicly or privately on social media platforms. Also, we may be able to obtain information indirectly from social media companies (Facebook, Google, etc.) when we advertise on these platforms, which may include your participation and membership on particular topics and/or groups, your profile settings and preference, your behaviour on different platforms owned by the same company.


Any correspondence you have with Customer Service teams, and/or our employees and personnel. This may include written correspondence with us (email or post or messages to our platforms), and voice recording made by Customer Service when we have the right to do so.

Image and Recording

Any image, voice or video recordings we have captured or obtained where you may be identified. This may include CCTV footages, photos taken in our retail stores and/or at events, video recordings made during events or specific interactions, voice recording made during events or interactions (excluding correspondence with Customer Service), any images you share with us through social media.

Fitness Activity Information

Any information connected to your fitness activity which you track using our Platforms (including adidas Running and Training). This may include activity type, distance, exercise duration, exercise routine (start and finish time), fitness score, pace, space utilisation data, speed.

Health Information

Any information that relates to your health or vitals such as your body mass index (BMI), heartbeat per minute, or information of any disability. This is used only when you have allowed us to use it – with your consent - for specific reasons and purposes.

Personal Opinion

Any opinion you share with us that indicate your point of view and comments. This may include when you provide us feedback and review rating our service or products, or if you participate in any product research and development discussions.

Sensitive Personal Opinion

Any opinion you share that may indicate or reveal certain characteristics about you including your political view, your sexual orientation, information about race and ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership or health. This is used only when you have allowed us to use it – with your consent - for specific reasons and purposes.


Personal Information which we reasonably need to perform our:

All of this Personal Information is characterized by the fact that you have provided this information yourself or we have obtained it legitimately for a lawful basis. We use this information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. You can always request to have your Personal Information accessed, corrected, deleted or object to further processing (please see subsection 8).

  • duties for purposes of marketing to you and managing your marketing preference
  • any agreement we may have with you including as an example company acquisitions, payments and other transactions with juristic entities
  • Confidential and/or company sensitive information we may need to share or process as it pertains to a specific business transaction with juristic entities;
  • and duty to operate your account or any adidas program that you have signed up for or fulfil our regulatory or other business rights and obligations.

3.3 Third parties

adidas may collect Personal Information about you from third parties such as fraud agencies, or Banks, in order to verify information about you. Collection from third parties will always relate to your existing relationship with us. See section 5 for more information on when we may share Personal Information with third parties.

We will only process your information insofar it is adequate, relevant and not excessive, if we have the right or your permission (“Lawful Basis”) to do so. Also, we may use your Personal Information from other companies or sources for some purposes, if it is legally allowed. The common Lawful purposes include

Site Operation and App Operation

We screen all traffic to our sites and apps, and analyse data that is received by our servers to: a) run the sites that are connected to our domain and apps, b) fix bugs to make sure the layout and design are displayed properly, and c) fix bugs to make sure the sites and the apps function properly, and d) to monitor compliance with our Terms and Conditions.

Domain and Network Security and User Authentication?

To protect our domains, detect unusual activities, and prevent security threats and protect our site-visitors from unauthorised accesses (such as hackers), we screen all traffic to our sites, and authenticate user log-in information using tokens to verify the details you provide to us and compare it with other available information, such us the credentials you have provided directly to us or other platforms (such as Runtastic or Facebook) or information that is available in the public domain to ensure only “authorised” users have access to our sites

Global Credential to All Adidas Platforms – User Experience

User log-in identities and account management are administered centrally, so users can use one set of credentials to log in to participating* adidas platforms. You adidas log-in credentials are stored in our global authentication platform. You can then use the same set of credentials to log in to your account which is registered with the participating platforms. When you use your adidas Log-In to access any participating platforms, we will use a token to verify your identity from our global authentication platform. This further ensures our network and domain security. adidas Responsible Entities use your Personal Information provide for this purpose to administer your account, including sending account management related messages, such as password reset, and processing your rights requests as explained in the “Your Rights” section.

*currently, this is applicable to adidas websites, the adidas app, adidas training app**, adidas running app**, GMR app, Confirmed app

** runtastic GmbH (Pluskaufstraße 7, 4061 Pasching, Austria) is a brand of adidas AG, and the responsible entity for the adidas training app, and the adidas running app.


Entire relationship and product management

For purposes relating to your agreement or relationship with us or your order; e.g., to notify you regarding the status of your order or delivery.

We may use your Personal Information to assess your creditworthiness, for which we may use third parties.

If you have provided us with your Personal Information in relation to a promotion, event, (mobile) application, etc., we may send you emails or other messages which relate to the service you have requested.

If you contact customer service, we will use your Personal Information (including your contact history) so that customer service is able to process your request and provide you with the best service possible.


Sales of adidas Products - Online and Off-Line Order

If you have given us your Personal Information during the sale of a product or service, we will inform you about similar products and services. We may also contact you to ask for your feedback after the sale of a product or service. In case of an interrupted sales process we will send you a reminder. You can immediately unsubscribe from any of these notifications at any time at no cost by clicking on a link in the corresponding e-mail or other message (see further below in clause 7).


Electronic Delivery Tracking

This service is provided by our Delivery Service Providers, and is subject to availability by the Delivery Service Provider servicing your delivery address. Depending on the delivery service provider, you may have the option to track your delivery using services provided directly by our delivery partners. This service is provided on the basis of our consumers’ legitimate interest so they can organise receipt of their parcels. However, with some service providers, this may only be possible with your consent. The service is hosted on the Delivery Partner’s platform. You should read their Privacy Notice for the processing of your Personal Information for this purpose.


Special interest and marketing

We may contact you via the contact details provided by you (including per regular mail, e-mail, SMS, telephone or any other electronic means) for marketing, advertising and opinion research purposes of the adidas Group, meaning that your information will be shared with other companies within the Group. This includes for example information related to products of the adidas Group, ecommerce activities, special offers, promotions as well as information on local store openings, local store activities of the adidas Group or sporting events.

In order to be able to contact you with information which is of special interest for you, your overall interaction with adidas and adidas AG (such as but not limited to your shopping behaviour in e-shops, in adidas physical stores, your use of loyalty programmes, your ratings and reviews of products, your contact history with our customer service, your newsletter clicks/ opening results, your surfing behaviour (web tracking), the newsletter types you are subscribed to, your participation in promotions or events, your interactions with mi coach and your use of (mobile) applications), will be combined, analysed and used. We may provide your contact Personal Information to adidas AG for marketing, advertising and opinion research purposes.

This will require a transfer of your information to Germany. In section 8 you can find information on your rights, for example on how you can withdraw your consent or correct your personal details.

We use different analytics tools to understand what your behaviour means in terms of your like and dislike of our various product lines, and to understand the impact (success rates) of the messages delivered to you.



We use your Information for different analytical purposes to better understand: a) how you browse and use our platforms; b) which products you are interested in; c) which features of our products and platforms you like; d) the quality of our services including customer service, marketing and advertising campaigns addressed to you, and your reaction to these services; e) our product and website design; f) and whether overall user experience worked for you or not. We use this analysis to improve the relevance of our marketing communication to you and the quality of our personalisation experience across our channels and platforms.


Enrichment and Improvement of your Digital Shopping Experience

When you shop at various adidas digital shopping platforms (adidas website, and adidas app), we collect your Personal Information to enrich and improve your shopping, browsing and check-out experience. This may include helping you find the right size, helping you visualise how a product will look on you via our digital platforms, or when you engage with platforms for any specific experience we make available through our digital platforms directly or via our digital devices in retail stores.



We create a profile about you by consolidating all the information you provided to us directly or indirectly. This allows us to establish a personalised interaction with you that is based on our past interaction, and other information we can use to infer your likes and dislikes. When you log in or visit our e-shop using an email address that is on file, we can then display items specifically picked for you based on your profile.



We create a single, unified consumer profile of you by matching all personal Information which you can be identified. This includes personal Information we collected directly or indirectly from you across digital media or offline, the feedback you provide to us, your interaction and communication with us through our various platforms and communication channels.



We use data science and your profile and personal Information to create data models that can help us improve the logic in our analytics activities that give us more insight about your comments and feedback, your interactions, preference and needs in our products and services. We will compare the data model we created using your profile with other similar consumer profiles and categories to further predict and analyse your preference.



To help you find the best size that fits your measurements best, we use size recommendation widgets on our app and website. The widget will recommend you the appropriate size for a certain adidas product by using machine-learning algorithms. The widget will combine the measurements you provided to us with adidas product information, your shopping cart details and shopping history (if they are available to us) to recommend you the most appropriate size for a certain adidas product. The size recommendations are provided by a third-party provider.



We need to know how we do as a business. This is in the interest of our shareholders, our board members, our employees, and our partners, as well as our consumers. We create data models for different analytical purposes, and analyse using these data models to understand how our products are selling in different markets, what are the popular features of our products, what worked and what didn’t in terms of our marketing and advertising campaigns, our product designs and distribution strategy, our website design and overall user experience, so we can establish, implement, and evaluate our business strategy.

This includes, for example, analysing data to understand how users browse our site and use the app to improve our user experience design to make sure you will continue to purchase our products and interact with us on our sites and applications.

We remove any identity information that would directly identify you (for example, your name and email address), and use only our internal unique identifier IP address to minimise any possible privacy risks to you.



On our apps we give you the possibility to use your device camera for different purposes: to see how certain adidas products would fit you through augmented reality (AR) functionality, and to search by image for adidas products. To this purpose, we implement on our apps third-parties software development kits (SDKs). We will ask for your permission before you use your camera to try this feature. We will not store any photos and videos from your device camera. We will then analyse how you use the AR feature to improve our user experience design to make sure you will continue interact with us on our applications.



We combine the Payment, Purchase and Transaction Information you provide to us with other information we obtain through our third-party payment risk and fraud prevention service providers to ensure any purchases are legitimate, or you do not purchase our products in violation with our terms and conditions. This means depending on the outcome of the analysis of your information, we may reject your order, and decline your payment. This is an automated decision-making process that is required to conclude our sales contract with you.



We invite you to provide your images to us via social media platforms by following specific instructions such as “#yesadidas”. We will be using the images you provide for our campaign communications. We will obtain rights to your image through a license agreement in the form of our terms and conditions. By submitting your images via social media platforms to us, you will agree for us to use your images as described in the license agreement.



When you use the adidas app, we use push notifications in this app to communicate with you concerning the purposes stated in this Notice. This includes information that relates to purposes based on the Performance of Contract (such as your purchase). You can switch off push notifications at any time using “Settings” in your mobile devices. However, if you switch off push notifications, we may need to contact you via emails for important messages relating to your purchase.



We may use your Personal Information to comply with our regulatory or other rights and obligations and in general to carry out any other reasonable business operation considering our business and the relationship between the parties.


One of our core principles is that we will treat your Personal Information with care and confidentiality. We will not sell your Personal Information to third parties. We will share your Personal Information with third parties (i) as set out in this policy; (ii) if required by law; or (iii) if you have consented to it.

We will share your Personal Information for purposes of (i) with the following categories of third parties:

  • another company within the adidas Group, where we can justify the sharing from a business operations point of view;
  • any company we use to provide a service on our behalf or to provide a service to us
  • any company who provides us with products or services, and or delivery of those products, only to the extent that it is reasonably required to provide the product or service;
  • any payment system we may use;
  • regulatory and governmental authorities, ombudsmen, or other authorities, including tax authorities, where we are requested by them to do so
  • prospective buyers and investors;
  • event partners;
  • landlords;
  • strategic partners; and
  • any other third party, if we are allowed to do so in law.

Where we use service providers and Personal Information operators working on behalf of adidas, these third parties are granted access to the Personal Information they require in order to carry out the particular service. The service providers and Personal Information operators are contractually obliged to treat all Personal Information in the strictest confidence. It is also contractually forbidden for them to use the Personal Information in any other way than required. The necessary steps are taken to ensure that our service providers and the operators working on behalf of adidas protect the confidentiality of your Personal Information. These services may for example include hosting and maintenance services, IT or cloud services, analysis services, e-mail messaging services, delivery services, handling of payment transactions, solvency check and address check, etc.

We will also share your Personal Information with employees who need access to it in order to fulfil their employment duties. The same principles that apply to service providers will also apply to employees.

Some of the persons (including adidas entities, representatives, third parties, employees) to whom we legitimately disclose Personal Information may be situated outside of the Republic of South Africa (RSA), in jurisdictions that may not have similar data protection laws to the RSA. However, all recipients agree to effectively adhere to the principles for processing of information in accordance with POPIA and our applicable global data processing agreements.

We will retain your Personal Information in terms of our global retention policies and the applicable laws, i.e. up to 10 years at minimum unless required otherwise.

If we keep your Personal Information longer than is strictly necessary for purposes of this agreement, we will either de-identify your Personal Information, or keep it for research or statistical purposes only.

During the period of retention, we will continue to implement reasonable and appropriate security measures.

If you provide us with Personal Information via our websites or any other channels, this is done on an entirely voluntary basis. If you choose not to provide the requested information, various customer benefits may not be available to you. In certain cases, only those people that have submitted the necessary Personal Information to us are able to order products, use certain services and in other ways avail themselves of the activities and offers available on our website and (mobile) application and via our loyalty programme.

As transparency and fair play are particularly important issues for us, we provide various options, depending on the exact circumstances, in order to help you retain control over your Personal Information. These options may include accessing, displaying and editing your Personal Information online. It may also be possible to unsubscribe from services or delete user accounts or to receive information about the Personal Information held by adidas.

If a non-adidas company is independently responsible for your Personal Information, you will need to contact and read the privacy notice of the non-adidas company to exercise your rights with them. Your request cannot be processed if we cannot verify your identity. We may ask for additional verification questions if we have reasonable doubts about your identity to protect all our consumers’ Personal Information and rights.

If you have any general questions or require immediate assistance and support concerning your rights or how we use your Personal Information, please contact our Customer Service team. You can find their contact information and channels by clicking contact us


All marketing material that adidas sends to you that for instance contain a newsletter or marketing content, include the option to unsubscribe to the receipt of the marketing material, by following the relevant instructions in the communication.


It is possible to access and correct your Personal Information through online, web and mobile services, where you have signed up for membership(s). You may also submit a Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA) request. This is done through our PAIA Manual and Form located here.


To access your Personal Information and information about how adidas collects and uses your Personal Information, obtain a machine-readable, portable copy of your file, or to delete your Personal Information, please use our self-service tool by following the instructions below. Your email address is required as we cannot otherwise identify you and execute your request. If you need help, please contact our Customer Service team.


Step 1

Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on “DATA SETTINGS”.

Step 2

Select one of the following options: 1) “Send me my data”; or 2) “Send me my machine readable data”; or 3) or “Delete my data & account”.

Step 3

Enter your Last Name and Email address that you have provided to adidas – if the Last Name and email address does not match the information we have on file, your request will be rejected. You can contact our local Customer Service team if you need help.

Step 4

Check your email and follow instructions we provided in the email to verify your email address – please note that your request will not be processed if you do not verify your email address, and the request will be deleted after 30 days.

Step 5

Check your email again within 30 days and click on the link to retrieve your file you requested OR get confirmation for your data deletion.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 1- 5 if you wish to execute another request.


Step 1


Step 2


Step 3

Select one of the following options: 1) “Send me my data”; or 2) “Send me my machine-readable data”; or 3) or “Delete my data & account”.

Step 4

Enter your Last Name and Email address that you have provided to adidas – please note these fields are pre-populated.

Step 5

Check your email and follow instructions we provided in the email to verify your email address – please note that your request will not be processed if you do not verify your email address, and the request will be deleted after 30 days.

Step 6

Check your email again within 30 days and click on the link to retrieve your file you requested OR get confirmation for your data deletion.

To view and get a copy of your order/transactional information before and/or after your order has been delivered:



Step 1

Scroll to the top of the page, and click on “order tracker”.

Step 2

Enter the Order Number and the Email address that you have used to make the purchase – if you have purchased from different adidas sites, you will need to repeat this procedure on all sites to access the order that you placed on that particular site local Customer Service team if you need help.

Step 3

Click “Go”.

Step 4

View the order matching the Order Number and Email address directly from the website.


Step 1


Step 2

Click on “ORDERS”.

Step 3

View all orders made with your current profile based on the specific country/location setting.

Step 4

Repeat Step 1- 3 order made under other country/location settings.

To delete your order/transactional information

You may request to have this information deleted, which will restrict your access to the information. However, the information will be archived and kept on file for 10 years to comply with legal and contractual requirements.

Please note that the standard processing time via our self-service tool is one month. Depending on the complexity of your demand and the number of other requests we are currently processing, our processing time may be extended for two additional months for the following reasons:
1) We cannot successfully identify you using your email and/or other identifier, and may be unable to process your request at all; and/or
2) You do not or cannot use our self-service tool and require further assistance; and/or
3) You request your response to be provided by means other than e-mail.


We take reasonable appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect Personal Information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised use, disclosure or access, in particular where the processing involves the transmission of Personal Information over a network, and against all other unlawful forms of processing and misuse.

We make use of electronic and computer safeguards such as firewalls and data encryption. We have physical and electronic access control to our buildings and information. We only authorise access to information to those employees and operators who require it to fulfil their designated responsibilities.

When you use the website, we may give you an access number, username, password and/or personal identification number (PIN). You are responsible to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of your username, access number, password and/or PIN.

We will report any security breach that involve Personal Information and may cause material impact to affected Data Subjects to both the Regulator and the individuals or companies involved.

adidas understands that it has a responsibility to protect the privacy of children and only intends to collect and use the Personal Information of children under the age of 18 in compliance with applicable laws. We encourage parents and other guardians to surf the Internet together with their children and enjoy the internet in a responsible manner.

If a child under the age of 18 attempts to register himself or herself, he or she may initially be asked to provide the information as described in the above section entitled “what Personal Information is collected”. In addition, he or she may be asked for consent from the parent/guardian to the registration and adidas may require additional information from the parent or guardian to complete the registration. The Personal Information submitted by and collected about the child during the course of his or her visit (e.g. via cookies) may be used as described above.

We do not intend to process any “special Personal Information” about you, as defined in law, which includes e.g. political, religious or health-related information, except if we are under a legal obligation to do so.

We use third-party advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, SMS, whatsapp, etc. to send you messages that are targeted at you, based on your behaviour and browsing pattern, at specific times and locations of these platforms to increase the efficiency of our advertising campaigns. In order to do this, we share your Personal Information with our Advertising Agency Partners as well as Social Media Platforms.

We use third-party solutions such as Google Analytics and Facebook Business Manager tools to help us do a better job at targeting our campaigns and messages for our consumers. Social Media Platforms will attempt to match your profile in their database to determine the optimal time and place (the page you are browsing) to show you an advertisement from adidas. We also need to analyse necessary information to understand the impact of our campaigns. If you don’t accept that we track you for this purpose, you will still see adidas advertisements on Social Media Platforms and other third-party platforms at random. Please also read the privacy notice on the Social Media Platforms to understand how your Personal Information is used by them for this purpose.

Personalised Electronic Marketing Messages from adidas AG, runtastic GmbH, and adidas Emerging Markets LLC ("adidas"). I understand as part of adiClub, adidas will use my email address, contact number and other personal data listed in the Privacy Notice to send me information about the adidas brand and its products based on my interests and preferences through in-app notifications, SMS and email marketing messages to the email provided to create this account. I know I can exercise my right to object to marketing emails at any time by using the unsubscribe button in all email communications, changing my in-app notification preferences, opting-out via SMS or changing my marketing communications preferences by logging in to my profile, or contacting adidas Customer Service for support.

Our website and (mobile) applications provide you with Social Plug-ins from various social networks. If you choose to interact with a social network, your activity on our website or via our (mobile) applications will also be made available to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you are logged in on one of these social networks during your visit to one of our websites or (mobile) applications, the social network might add this information to your profile. If you are interacting with one of the Social Plug-ins, this information will be transferred to the social network. In case you do not want a Personal Information transfer, please log off on your social network before you use our website or (mobile) applications.

We do not control this Personal Information collection and transfered via the Social Plug-ins. Please read the privacy policies of those social networks for detailed information about the collection and transfer of Personal Information, what rights you have and how you can achieve satisfactory privacy settings.

We offer location-enabled services within some of our (mobile) applications, such as Google Maps. If you use those (mobile) applications, the companies that provide these services may receive information about your actual location (such as GPS signals sent by a mobile device) or information that can be used to approximate a location. You can generally enable or disable your location services in your device or browser settings.

We use the Google Maps service to assist you in finding the nearest adidas store. To facilitate this, we load an image from Google Maps or Bing Maps, saving the route, Personal Information and map image on our server.

During the period of retention, we will continue to implement reasonable and appropriate security measures.

Web analytics by google analytics

The web analytic services on our website and (mobile) applications are provided by Google Analytics (www.GoogleAnalytics.com). This means that when you visit our website or (mobile) applications, a cookie by Google Analytics will be stored on your computer or mobile device, except when your browser settings do not allow for cookies (see clauses 3.1.2 above).

This further means that when you visit our website or (mobile) application, the web analytics Personal Information described above in clause3.1– including the “click-stream Personal Information”, the Personal Information from “web beacons and tracking links” and information stored in Google Analytics’ cookies – will be sent to Google Analytics for analysis for and on behalf of adidas. Please note that if you have created an online profile at our website or (mobile) application and if you are logged on in this profile, a unique number identifying this profile is also being sent to Google Analytics in order to match the web analytics Personal Information to this profile.

Google Analytics acts as an agent to adidas, which means that adidas solely determines the purposes for which the Personal Information is being used and that Google Analytics will not disclose the information to any third parties (except when required to do so by law or court order). In privacy terms, this means that adidas is the “responsible party” and Google Analytics the “operator”. You can find out more about the relationships between adidas and Google Analytics in the Google Analytic’s privacy policy under “Privacy Policy for Our Provision of Services” at https://www.GoogleAnalytics.com/company/privacy.php#services

Our website and (mobile) application use re-targeting technologies. This enables us to show our visitors, who were already interested in our shop and our products, advertisements from us on partner websites. We believe that the display of a personalised, interest-based advertising is more interesting for our users than advertising that does not have a personal connection.

We also work with other companies who use tracking technologies to serve ads on our behalf across the Internet. These companies may collect information about your visits to our websites or (mobile) applications and your interaction with our communications, including advertising.

Re-targeting technologies analyse your cookies and display advertisement based on your past surfing behaviour. For further information on cookies, please refer to clause 3 of this privacy policy.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal details or about our privacy policy you are welcome to contact us. You can send an email to za.legal@adidas.com or email Customer Service at service@za.onlineshop.adidas.com or call Customer Service at 0861 627 231 (Mondays – Thursdays between 8am – 6pm, Fridays between 8am – 4pm).

adidas is committed to the fundamental principles of privacy and Personal Information protection. We therefore regularly review our privacy policy in order to keep it up to date and compliant with privacy and Personal Information protection principles and the law. This privacy policy may be changed from time to time in order to keep pace with (i) new developments and opportunities relating to the Internet; (ii) our business operations and (iii) also to stay in line with prevailing legislation. Changes to the policy will be publicized on our website along with an updated version of the privacy policy.

As required by law, when we make any significant changes that would have an impact on your rights and your Personal Information, we will announce these changes in advance, and make sure you are informed of these changes, which may require us to send you an email announcement.

We are not responsible for, give no warranties, nor make any representations in respect of the privacy policies or practices of linked or any third party websites

Whereas we would appreciate the opportunity to first address any queries regarding our processing of your Personal Information, you have the right contact the Information Regulator, whose contact details are:

  • The Information Regulator (South Africa)
  • JD House, 27 Stiemens Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2001
  • P.O. Box 31533, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, 2017

Complaints email: complaints.IR@justice.gov.za

General enquiries email: inforeg@justice.gov.za

We invite you to first share and discuss your concerns and complaints about how we handle your individual rights and use your Personal Information with our Privacy team and our Information Protection Officer by writing to us using the contact details provided above.

Updated March 2022