Can adidas support me for my studies/research?

We would be happy to help you on your researches, but the amount of requests on information in various fields became so important that we don't have anymore the capacity to handle all of them.

Can I submit an idea (product/design idea) to adidas for adidas' evaluation?

No. Our policy is not to accept unsolicited submissions of designs, inventions or ideas from persons external to the adidas group. We appreciate your interest in our company and seek your cooperation by asking you not to submit any ideas to adidas.

What if I can't find the answer to my question here?

If the FAQ section doesn't contain the answer to your question, go to the contact information section and send your request using the contact form on that page. A representative from your country will then be able to answer your question.

Why can't I find my country in the country selector?

We are currently offering 30 localized versions of the website. Because of the considerable effort and resources it takes to localize sites for markets and the development in internet penetration we have chosen to prioritize countries, but we are currently working on developing additional localized versions.