How or where can I get an adidas product catalogue?

Unfortunately, we do not publish consumer catalogues, but imagery of and information about most of our products is available on

Why can I not find a specific product in the catalogue?

This could be due to a number of reasons:
1.The product is not from the current season. The online catalogue only displays products from the current season. The reason for this is that many products from last season may have been discontinued and there is also the possibility that many products will be out of stock.
2.The product is not available in your country. adidas sells products on a worldwide scale and sometimes these products differ depending on which country you live in. You should be able to find all the products available in your country in the product catalogue.

Why can I see a product in the online catalogue, but can't find it at my retailer and vice-versa?

We can only offer information on current products in the Online Catalogue as it is impossible to know whether certain stores have a particular product available where other stores do not. Often retailers have what's known as carry over products. So your local store may have a product from last season.Your retailer should be able to order any products for you, though. Besides, the online catalogue doesn't feature licensee products like for fencing, boxing, taekwondo.