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Soft and comfortable workout gloves shield your hands and provide warmth and extra grip so you can sweat it out at the gym. Find the gloves that take your workout to the next level.
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What are the key and outstanding workout gloves features?

adidas workout gloves have some excellent features. One outstanding aspect of these gloves is that they are lightweight. adidas gloves are padded with the right amount of cushioning without compromising on free movement. The outer surface of adidas training gloves is made from 100% polyester prime knit. The breathable quality of the fabric makes them perfect for the gym. Combined with AERO READY technology, the gloves absorb  moisture, allowing your hands to remain cool even if you're working up a sweat in a humid gym.

Here is why you need training gloves as you sweat it out in the gym

Anyone who exercises or lifts weights can attest to the enormous importance workout gloves have on protecting overall hand health. Perfect your grip so you can focus on training your muscles.  The adidas training gloves have unique cushioning to provide that much-needed wrist support. They feel secure feel and don't slip preventing potential injuries. They decrease the risk of you dropping weight due to sweaty and slippery hands. They are also an ever-present confidence builder, helping improve your weightlifting and overall exercise techniques. Remember, though, typical adidas exercise gloves are light and not recommended for heavy-duty lifting weights. The best exercise routines with this glove type are aerobic works and minor lifts.


Maintenance and care of your gloves for complete hygiene

These gloves are pretty easy to look after, but it's best to hand wash them if you can. Soak them in warm water with a mild soap and brush off any dirt. Clean them thoroughly and check each finger. For best results, avoid using the washing machine at a high temperature and don't tumble dry them. Instead, we recommend that you air dry them to maintain their grip and other useful features and so they are ready for you to use next time.